Silent Nights

Silent Nights is an horror escape game inspired from The Silent Hill developed by Lai Massive
Silent Nights has been developed by Lai Massive
The gaps between the door reveals a separate reality. The only me is me. Are you sure the only you is you? You are trapped inside a house where strange things are happening. Explore the house and find a way out before it's too late!

Game Reviews & Player Tips

Why exactly won't this load on Chrome? It's a highly-used browser... Kind of odd. :/
It doesn't run in Microsoft Edge either. What's the deal with this thing about making the games exclusively for one browser only? It's been done with several of the newest games..
This Game Is Cool! But,Please Make In Crome PLEASE
i can't even play it and i have the right browser. wtf?
This game looks really interesting! Hope it doesn't disappoint lol Who else likes this game? any good?
awsome game, and really scary :)
this game does not work and this is my favorite games so please fix it please do
WOW this game is glitchy. Not only that but MAJOR rip off of PT. it's literally the same just inverted (table on the left is now on the right etc.) was gonna put this on my channel...yeah glad I played it first!
Inspired? No, this is a complete copycat/rip off of the original PT game.This 'ripoff' should be removed from this site.