Lick, a short horror game with awesome jump-scares
Developed by RedLeaf
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A short jump-scare game based on the creepy pasta 'Humans Lick Too'. Your parrents are gone, you are home alone. But don't fear, your dog Max in in your bed with you. He licks your hand as you rise to check the windows and soon realize that something is terribly wrong.

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this is all based off of a creepypasta i believe. every night the dog licks the girls end but then one night something else licks her hand. pretty much it
USMCsFinest's profile page
can't figure out how to close the window xDD
iiForsakenSoul's profile page
everytime i try to play this game the screen is blue and there are floating lamps :(
HeavenboundRob's profile page
The game did have a relatively creepy atmosphere, but wasn't too scary. jumpscare at the end was to be expected tho.....also, if you're stuck by the window part, press e
Fallen1872's profile page
why internet explorer only? this is ridicilous
foreverAlone1qq's profile page
ex member account
This Game Is REALLY Cool!Like the Jumpscare :P
xDarkReaperGirlx's profile page
Umm...I don't know why the ''intruder'' wrote that ''humans'' can lick too since it's pretty obvious he's a bloated zombieface but oh well....
Penny's profile page
yayyyy creepypasta XD
UndeadZelda's profile page
that jumpscare scared me XD fml
UndeadZelda's profile page
it scary!!!!!!!!!!!
join2004's profile page
good game, really enjoyed it!!
PrettyLilMonster26's profile page
not that bad of a game
darkghost365000's profile page
This game is just great. I highly recomend it if ur looking for a scary game.
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