We shape our tools and the we let our tools shape us. A fun philosophical game.
A Halloween party turns into a horrific murder scene and it's up to you to find who is behind all this.
An unsettling point and click horror adventure game with a dense and nightmarish atmosphere. Explore a mysterious world surrounded by dark forces.
Play the sequel to 'disturbing point and click horror adventure game 'Being Her Darkest Friend' by Chronerion Entertainment.
Help Long Cat reach the ladder while grabbing all fishes in this cute and wonderful puzzle-based platformer. Do you have the skills?
A disturbing horror adventure game with bizarre landscapes and twisted beings. Can you beat the game and unlock all the endings?
Personalize the gingerbread using various items to look exactly like the one displayed in the top of the screen.
A funny dialogue-based point and click adventure html5 game to cure your boredom. Remember...The Goat Is Not A Lie!
Challenging puzzle adventure game where you must help your crew of scientists survive 40 days on the planet Sineicos.
How come even in peacetime, do friends become enemies? And why, even in wartime, do enemies become friends?
A short story driven platformer about friendship and love. Guide our adventurer in his journey back home.
Practice your diving skills in this challenging diving sim game. Perform tricks and grab all coins for extra score.
The good old Mario now with upgrades and more enemies. Guide Mario through the pixelated world collecting coins.
How about spending some time fishing? A cute yet challenging fishing sim that will keep you entertained for quite a while.
They say a tower build by monkeys never fall but what about a tower build from monkeys?
Play volleyball with Steven and his friends and prove you know how to play ball.
Match the tiles in a colorful game of mahjong. The game features lots of levels. Have fun!
A short story-driven adventure game set up in a fantasy world filled with death and disease. Guide our adventurer in his journey helping him take the right d...
Learn what you need in a journey to the mountains. Click on the cards to reveal them and form pairs to remove them from the board.
Our action hero, Stephen Karsch needs your help to put the bad guys behind bars. Use his special ability to collect enough evidence to catch the bad guys. Th...
A card game based on memory and luck. Do you have what it take to pick the winner?
Help Hook Head escape the maze using his head. Navigate the maze using your grappling hook.
Become a Flakmeister by sowing death among the enemy planes. Don't let the enemy destroy your city.
Learn the mysteries of alchemy in this wonderful idle game. Harvest ingredients and create powerful potions for your customers.
Shoot down zombies and other players across the world and climb your way up to the leaderboard.
Can you get the ball into the hole using as few moves as possible? Play the campaign or with a friend and prove you are the best.