The Appalese Wall, a top-down fantasy rpg/defense flash game with heroes and monsters
Developed by WakefieldStudios
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The Appalese Wall is under siege! Use your tactics and your trustworthy heroes to defend it from the invaders. Each hero has a unique set of abilities that can be unlocked. Use the earned skill points wisely.

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the game is not working
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Â¥'s okay
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3rd ..awesome...but not working
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I hate it when people spam the comment box with "FIRST!!!!" -_-
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The gameis cool but if u die u lose your character :/
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Beautiful strategy game :D im enjoying it
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I actually liked this game. I usually don't like games like this. Easy gold medal. Easy 10 points. There are a lot of words and it's kind of complicated. Wish it was a little more easier. 4/5
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i love vietnamese
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2nd and cool game
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first 2 comment.........promote this pls..........
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