Howmonica is an cute puzzle platformer with pixel graphics developed by Spydog
Howmonica has been developed by Spydog
Help our funny looking character to color all the blocks. Use the gravity at your own advantage and make sure not to step into the spikes. New objects to interact will be available as you progress through the levels.

Game Reviews & Player Tips

The thing looks like a cupcake with eyes! Cute game :3
level 9 guys couldn't go any further its brick
hmph, quite good
stuck at 13!!!
i'm stuck on level 19
I Finally finished this stupid game :D I WANT MORE LEVELS >:D
wifebeater0515 is a dork :D :q
i didn't really have problems with it. i had a hard time on some lvls but it was fun
evilunicornmaster suc.ks at this game and if there were more levels she'd take days to do yah............................
CITY CHANGE YOUR PIC YOU'RE SCARING THE LIFELESS SHIT OUTTA ME!!!!!! also add me up and vote me up guys.....willing to be a friend for those out there!