A funny dialogue-based point and click adventure html5 game to cure your boredom. Remember...The Goat Is Not A Lie!
Clean up your apartment before your mom arrives! A fun collecting game to cure your boredom!
A hilarious indie adventure game set in a post-apocalyptic world. Play as a super-hero and bring some good to what's left to the world.
Personalize the gingerbread using various items to look exactly like the one displayed in the top of the screen.
Have you ever wondered what's on a game programmer's mind?
Explore the lands in search for diamonds. A fun collecting game for the kids where you have to solve puzzles in order to move through the platforms.
They say a tower build by monkeys never fall but what about a tower build from monkeys?
Do you have what it takes to keep your boss happy or will you end up loosing your job?
Clear evidence that the one who said chickens can not fly was not a magician!