The Irritatis, a funny point and click game

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They say the road can be a quiet place but not when you meet a man like Angello Irritati. A funny point and click game where you have to help Angelo to irritate the young driver while pretending to help him fix his car.

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Quite confusing - It's not very easy to work out what you have to do with things.
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What's the point of this game? A short semi-puzzle :/ not as funny as the description says
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I enjoyed this game but i got stuck for ages and had to look up a walkthrough just to point me in the right direction. Once I found how to get out of being stuck it was easy and enjoyable. Where did I get stuck? Trying to open the damn radio of course! HINT! Coins can be used as flat head screw drivers :D
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I do not get this game I only played for 3 minutes and I don't think it is very funny 1 out of ten I give it a 0.
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Very good, quick game.
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