Orange Roulette, a funny game in a dark orangery way
Developed by Michael Houser
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Find a way out of the prison by playing Orange Roulette against other prisoners. Can our imprisoned orange win before he's squeezed too far?

user reviews & player tips

this is my way of winning.i did it three times and won. for the first three guys you spin the chamber first then pull the trigger on yourself.then when they finish pull the trigger on them then your self.after they are done pull the trigger on them. also on the last dude after spinning the chamber and pulling the trigger on him pull the trigger on him again.
soulancer's profile page
haha me and my friend both played this and we were laughing bcuz we were scared we were gonna die
S1GH13's profile page
Good Game . liked it
Mr314's profile page
I died after the weird faced guy :/
heartattack410's profile page
this game is definitely 1 of my favorites. I like how they made the story line defer each time the game restarts and I like how it's unexpected outcome.
Goody's profile page
realy scared i was going to die ...but loved the game
gamergirl5's profile page
LOL, the orange jokes are hilarious!
mellow's profile page
it made me a bit nervous playing haha. i was pleasantly surprised. overall great game but i'm now side-eying oranges, lol.
Celestica's profile page
i saw coryxkenshin play this so i played it too
smudgie925's profile page
wow! great game what do you think guys!
Elijahgee's profile page
this game is so cool :D
lupe09's profile page
The last orange is freakin creepy...
Dragonist82's profile page
yes! i won yay i really loved the game
kikilopez02's profile page
the music makes it kinda creepy :/
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