Muddy Heights, a funny unity game with upgrades
Developed by Ben Sanchez, Alex Sanchez & Corey Hendrey
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Poop your way to victory! Launch the almighty turd at the pedestrians to cause some serious carnage. Use the money you earn to purchase chili, cheeseburgers and more food to beef up your payload for maximum destruction.

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who played this game was it pewds or markiplier.
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1st comment. :P
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I swore that poop was a hot dog or something. Wait.. why am I even here? xD
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This game is cool!!
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youtube people played this and im a youtuber I have my own channel
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This game is the most funniest game I have ever played yet.
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this guy look says:" Muhahahaa I shit on people's super- shit and the whole city will explode !!"
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