Fruit Darts, a freeware game
Developed by IceWell Games
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Play through a series of hazard filled levels. Use arrows to run, jump and to perform double jumps which is important in this game! Try to get 3 starts on every level!

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kept murdering him....
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evry time he said ahhhhhh igot skin chill
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its fun to kill him lol:)
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so, the medals don't work?
Hannahorror's profile page
~sigh~ idiots are those who use 1st, 2nd, third.
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i like the teddy..
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not bad game looks fun
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Omg I like dis game <3 I got a gold metal :DD
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>.O...This game is really easy to get a gold medal.
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the game didnt load. -_-
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tooo easy for the badges !
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i love this game and some ore but mostly this one :) <3 :)
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