Brat Baseball

Brat Baseball is an funny and addictive baseball arcade flash game developed by Gm2Day.com
Brat Baseball has been developed by Gm2Day.com
Use your baseball skills to terrorize your neighborhood! To earn points you will have to destroy your neighbor's windows, hit cars or the bonus area. You only got 10 balls to hit so make them count. Make sure not to hit the pitcher, or you will lose the game.

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Game Reviews & Player Tips

umm have a doubt...why is it that I am playing games but my points ain't increasing...am I missing something?? Happened 3-4 times now :(
i like this game...it's fun!!!:D
289,000... so close to beating high record!
wo!!!!!!!!!! coooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!:)
as a baseball player i think this is hilarious
love this game!
YEAH fun SUPER addicting! <---High score for the month!
F U C K I N G awesome!! cant stop playing!!
suka banget nih !!
this game is freakin awsome
i..... dont....... know what to say
@goooooogle if you want to get pts on high score you have to look at the bronze silver or gold to get pts and then u yuo have to score it 2 get 2 pts or 6pts or 10 pts
it's entertaining even though i always hit the walls and roof! XD
5th yes!!!! young fellows