Play time, a fnaf game with clowns
Developed by Giovannigascot
game rating
Let's play a game. Open the door and escape, but there's a catch. I've sent some of my friends over there. Make sure they don't see your light. The game-play is similar with the one from FNAF. Explore the rooms, pick up items and use them to find a way out. Sounds easy, right?

user reviews & player tips

This game is definitelly not for the faint of heart since it contains lots of jump-scares.
mark_91's profile page
I think you have to be quick. Like i died in less 15 seconds.
nightsblood's profile page
I swear.. How do you even play this XD I screamed the first time ;-;
MaddisonJlow's profile page
i beat it! if u see a clown in the room or in window, wait til they disappear.
crimsonmoon1's profile page
what does that offline bar means? is it how much time you have?
zebi's profile page
I need help I can't get pass the the part when it has LIES on the wall!!! What is the and knife for??
0rdinaryk's profile page
I love this game, you need critical thinking, and need to be careful where you shine your light. It would be best to shine it on the floor at all times
SinForegiver's profile page
ugh. yet another nonscary game ig it had good jumscares tho just not scary to me.....
therealbadgirl's profile page
PIECE OF CAKE!...take the ball break the tv ,take the toy knife and throw the doll on the floor and press the button behind it, go to 3rd room blow the balloon and take the candle,get back to the second room and light it from fire,go to 3rd room and use it on the box and get the handle,go to last room cut the wallpaper on the wall with knife and press the button,use the handle on the safe and take
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