Awesome Planes, a action shooter with upgrades
Developed by Alexander Gette, Jurij Krivonos
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Upgrade your awesome plane and cause maximum destruction!
0 / 40
0 / 6
dogfighter badgeatg fighter badgedestroyer badgeultracombo badgebournout badgepimp my plane badge

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I must say, I am impressed at how you gave an amazing feel to the game. The fast pace of the enemies and the fire all over the place gives you a themeing for the enviroment. Though I must say even though you did perfect with themeing. The gameplay I felt could have been better comprised. There was no story to endwelve into the the themeing. And the monotonous enviroments and music, if it warn't fo
vashthespearman's profile page
I actually like this game. I got all of the badges.
ex member account
i like that music :3
nightsblood's profile page
what's the secret badge?thanks
babablacksheep's profile page
How to get the Secret badge? Tell me please
Smokeys112's profile page
i got the badges in game, but its not showing up
lovesweet90's profile page
yeah easy game
Deatheater's profile page
cute game.. :D
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awesome game :D
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please tell me how to get secret badge
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One of my favorite games. Definitely 5/5!
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The Secret is use BOOST 10 times
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yull score down to much and this game is asome like asome tank
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I would like this game , yeah it's cool , don't forget to add me ^_^
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