Sherlock Holmes: Checkmate

Sherlock Holmes: Checkmate is an 3d fast-paced action game developed by Warner Brothers
Sherlock Holmes: Checkmate has been developed by Warner Brothers
The famous detective, Sherlock Holmes and his colleague, Dr. Watson must travel through Europe in search for the famous Criminal Mastermind, Professor Moriarty. Guide them through the deep forests of Austria and the rooftops of England while eliminating Moriarty's hired army. Each character has a particular set of abilities that you can use to get rid of the enemies quickly.

Game Reviews & Player Tips

These Sherlock Holmes episodes are mind blowing, awesome, cool, superb, niceeee, and astounded to have another word like that, I am amazed to say. It is speechless, I mean so awesome graphics and nice sounds. There are another parts like these, those are also awesome, just like Sherlock Holmes: Escape, Sherlock Holmes: The lost cases, Sherlock Holmes part 2 and Sherlock Holmes part 3. It is been
I did not enjoy this game at all. The graphics were fine, at best. The gameplay was boring.
Love love love this game I love Sherlock Holmes mysteries!!