Dynamons World, a turn-based fantasy rpg game with pets

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Welcome to Dynamons World where people around the world gathered for the most legendary battles between mighty pets. Pick your favorite pet-hero and join the fight for the Dynamons Capitan role. As you progress, new abillities, heroes and items will become available,

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Worth downloading the app for sure, love this game.
GeekChic93's profile page
Hey, this is cool, Yeah! I love games like Pokemon! :)
ZeldaForce41's profile page
This is copy right you copyed pokemon thats copy right you need to have premission first you know!
YThisGam3VnicornF4L's profile page
rate-4 yes i gatherd its a remake of pokemon just with a diferent layout of maps, name and loads other things but tbh its really fun and very creative still! i just dont like the adverts in between
Tr1ckst3r's profile page
Very cute, and there are a million games like this, so i wouldnt say its copyrighted by pokemon. Anyways, cute, enjoyable. Just try it out already :)
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