Dynamons World, a turn-based fantasy rpg game with pets

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Welcome to Dynamons World where people around the world gathered for the most legendary battles between mighty pets. Pick your favorite pet-hero and join the fight for the Dynamons Capitan role. As you progress, new abillities, heroes and items will become available,

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Hey, this is cool, Yeah! I love games like Pokemon! :)
ZeldaForce41's profile page
rate-4 yes i gatherd its a remake of pokemon just with a diferent layout of maps, name and loads other things but tbh its really fun and very creative still! i just dont like the adverts in between
Tr1ckst3r's profile page
Worth downloading the app for sure, love this game.
BlahkDahlia's profile page
Very cute, and there are a million games like this, so i wouldnt say its copyrighted by pokemon. Anyways, cute, enjoyable. Just try it out already :)
Lucif3r's profile page
this game should have a save point to be honest.
12XO's profile page
there were much awesome games on here. they deleted all of them and why idk ...yeah this is cute...
stardustt's profile page
This is copy right you copyed pokemon thats copy right you need to have premission first you know!
YThisGam3VnicornF4L's profile page