Figurines Room, a casual point and click room escape game
Developed by TomaTea
game rating
Use your brain to solve different puzzles and escape the figurines room in this casual point and click adventure game.

user reviews & player tips back of bed 2.Click left lamp 3.Take black light 4.go back to main room click top of dresser on right side of the bed 5.Look at vase (remember order of blank spots in the pattern) 6.go back to main room click shelf's in left corner small brown box shelf in the middle 8.enter order of the blank spots from the vase onto the box TIP:up, left, right, down, up 9.take the glue 10.Back to
lalastevans's profile page
used...too...much...brain... power
Airythne's profile page
-clicks millions of times- Like a boss~
lalastevans's profile page
i finished it...=w= very very harddd
amea's profile page
i love point and clicks
Resmond's profile page
Game wasn't too hard. Just more time consuming than anything. Great way to spend 5 minutes.
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