BackDoor: Door 1, a brilliant top down escape game with mysterious story and puzzling atmosphere
Developed by solarVagrant
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BackDoor is a very creative room escape type of game with mysterious story and great puzzles. Your task is to find a way to escape the strange house by solving different puzzles. Use ARROW KEYS to move the character, Z to interact with different objects, X to use items, C to swap items and SPACE to bring up the Menu where you can combine the items. Have fun!

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I haven't finished it yet but so far i'm a little disapointed, it's not terrible but it would be nice if it had more color, the grey and blue makes it harder for details to stand out and also makes the game sorta boring and i would have liked to know the controls before having to play (or do they have the controls somewhere cause i'd like to have them). Also y does the phone have teeth?(It kinda c
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I actually really enjoyed the game and I found the controls in less than 5 minutes, wasn't really complicated, honestly. I thought it was, overall, pretty easy too, I only got stuck once. Hope there will be a sequels :) ARROWS : walking around Z : interact with stuff X : interact with specific thing selected in inventory C : move through inventory SPACE : pause menu, save, continue, combine objec
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Fun and simple.
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how the eff do i combine things!!!! ERRR!!!! i have all the parts of the lamp but it says they're no use to him as they are. SO PUT THEM TOGETHER.
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why can"t i use you mr. lightbulb!? WHHHYYYY!!!!???
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this is confusing...
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yeaaayyyyy! i finnish this game~ woohooo\m/
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This game kept freezing on me. My computer works fine with all other games, however. It's a bit too slow for my taste as well.
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I feel stupid now i just found the controls but the phone still gives me the creeps
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I got a tinny bit lost at first, but I figured it out teehee, I liked the concept of the game
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Honestly... im stuck. i have the towel, pencil, key that doesnt goto anything, and a coin. im in the living room flipping the coin. help?
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rate 1 just no
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For people who don't know or can't seem to figure it out. Arrows to move. Z for an action or confirm. x to use whatever you are holding. C to change what you are holding. And SPACEBAR is where you will go to the mini menu. Where you can save, COMBINE, quit or resume your game.
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