A Small Talk

A Small Talk is an post-apocalyptic text-based game with creepy atmosphere developed by ScriptWelder
A Small Talk has been developed by ScriptWelder
A nuclear conflict brake out and the World has been destroyed. You, with some other survivors, were selected by the government and placed in a secure underground shelter. After years of hibernation you find yourself alone and trapped in an empty room.
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Game Reviews & Player Tips

Great game. If you get stuck: ask about astro food, the escape pod, a hazard suit. When asked to play a game of chess, agree and choose option 2. there will be a clue!
the ending is so .......................i currently cant find a word to describe it
No words to describe.... make another part!!!
The ending is so............suprising and dramatic.lol
I got to say, i am really blown away by Script Welder's games as of late, they show how even the simplest of ideas, when worked on and polished properly have major potential. Games like; The Deep Sleep Trilogy, and "Don't Escape" are truly fun and entertaining games, yet they are all pixel based games if you catch my drift. He deserves more support in my opinion!
just want to say this game is pretty mysterious and make me sad thank you very much for offer this game to us thank you by the way that guy he is just like me he wants some one who die with him or will be with him for ever me too I need some one I need a friend who be with me for ever
Amazing , aswesome, i love it.
Its Kinda Hard
I have no words. Beautiful game!
Absolutely amazing. The ending was... wow.
this game it's awesome but at the same time it's sad :c
This game is really fun. I like to communicate, so I enjoyed it.
to get him to admit ur not underground say ags were underground then we will open the window
Beautiful game :)