bit Dungeon

bit Dungeon is an retro top down dungeon game with cool levels and enemies developed by Tom Heinecke
bit Dungeon has been developed by Tom Heinecke, Jordan Applewhite, Rob Keiser & Stan
bit Dungeon is an cool retro adventure game where you play as an knight fighting his way through infinite dungeons. Grab your precious sword and start hacking some pixel demons!
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Game Reviews & Player Tips

I'm currently at level 64, i just gave up. the game is really repetitive and i don't think there's an ending so i lost interest to go further
Hey guys, to reach the Soul Collector you have to find a blue orb and use it. I think it automatically appear after you complete 5-6 levels or so. Plus me if I was right :D
Well I have to say I was surprised and pleased with this game. Very fun! Going to record some videos for my channel, trying to spread the word of this game. Can't wait for more from the developers!
yeah, they added badges... but when the medium badge is harder to achieve than both the hard and impossible you've screwed up on the logic. not impressed with the music either, electro doesn't go with medievil dungeon crawling
A cool little permanent death game with a good sound track, although it can get repetitive I enjoy just relaxing and playing it and listening to the sound track
Even though the game get's a bit boring after a while, the game has so much detail in the way of weapons and armour, like this game a lot...
This Game Not Easy
first comment and to play this game ^_^)/
they added badges ^^
great cool i love it really fun
im the 8 comment and this game great and awesome 10/10
i really hope i can get it all :)
Why wont it let me save where i was last at???
This is a pretty good game,nice controls,time reaction and figures,but,they should upgrade the quality and more badges xD