Dungelot is an top down rpg adventure game developed by Dimitry Mitrofanov
Dungelot has been developed by Dimitry Mitrofanov
Choose your favorite hero and start exploring the dungeons. Fight monsters to open new tiles on the board, gather items and improve your hero's abilities.

Game Reviews & Player Tips

"Congratulations!, you have died!" what the- >:o
I'm addicted to this
it was very fun to p;lay 9 levels and all the monsters (167)
this game is pretty cool any one else think so??
I love this game I got to level 8 as the paladin
Congratulations! You have Died! Um ... Yay?
I love this game !
Fun game to play.
Amazing graphics
hahaha ^_^ cool game :P "congratulations, you have died." ahihihi
How is that a good thing Congrates u have died not a good
"Congratulations, You Died" ROTFL!
This game is really cool!
Really love this game, cant get enough of!!!