Night Rider Turbo, a mouse-based car driving game
Developed by SOS
game rating
A mouse-based driving game that puts you behind the wheel of a powerful racing car. Your task is simple...race the car through the incoming traffic on a busy highway trying to avoid crashes. Grab the steering wheel with your mouse and when required use SPACE key to restart the game. Have fun!

user reviews & player tips

ohhh man dis is awsome games, i feel like i m the most worst driver on the road.................. HIT THE ROAD!!!!!
Anonymousx's profile page
Not exactly the best game. The physics are quite strange, the steering wheel comes unattached very easily. As for the actual driving, It's not great at all. Though, I did laugh when I could pull things off my car, such as the air freshener.
drunkteddybear8's profile page
The wheel comes off easily and the graphics aren't that good. Not really my type of game if I want to test my driving skills and hand and eye coordination.
VenomDoll's profile page
i agree with teddy and venom.
crimsonmoon1's profile page
Honestly the people complaining. That is the point of the game, it is supposed to be glitchy and fun. That is how the style of the game is supposed to be.
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