Double Hitler, a hardcore drawing game
Developed by Damian Schloter
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A physics based painting game for hardcore gamers. Help the Schicklgruber brothers to graduate the most prestigious art school in Viena.

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Oh yeah the monkeys pee is color violet lol this game doesn't suit me in my school im the worse in drawing -_- i can only draw stickmans lol
jprv47's profile page
Soooo complicated... ;-; But it's fun!
HimariMisao's profile page
UberHaxorNova brought me here
HoboPanda's profile page
f**k this game. that's all that need be said.
fantabulousk's profile page
Its very slow for me. It plays but then stops and then starts all over again.
BrieMarie's profile page
Pewds is the reason.
TheLonelyGrayCrayon's profile page
Pewds brought me here
YellowBanana's profile page
pewdiepie is then one who ispired me to play this game
Udinarmy's profile page
so f*cking weird man
markiplier12's profile page
my drawing is horrible!!
swagirl16's profile page
The story to it seems interesting enough, however it becomes incredibly difficult to play since right-clicking makes this little menu pop up
KGBElephant's profile page
this game won't let me play its taking forever to load :(
blackfire22's profile page
lmao hitler hated him one of the most wickedest man and this is one of the most hardest game
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SOOO HAAAAAAAARRRRD why do we have only one olor a purple monkey peeing purple *claps* so much has been done here
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