Fill up coffee cups with the right amount of coffee and sugar in this casual physics based drawing game. Use the mouse to open the lids and to draw the guidi...
Use your mouse to navigate the games menu and main painting crosshair, using mouse button to select or paint. Space bar starts each level and also controls w...
A physics based painting game for hardcore gamers. Help the Schicklgruber brothers to graduate the most prestigious art school in Viena.
A fun space shooter featuring upgrades, bosses and a lot of fun to be had. Shoot your way out to freedom!
Sketch Quest is an action-platformer that challenges you to use your drawing skills to draw different items to use as you advance through the levels.
A fun drawing-based puzzle where you need to recreate shapes using rope.
Your task in this cute puzzle-platformer is to paint blocks in the desired colors. Use the color pools to change your color.