War Zomb Avatar, a post apocalyptic action games with zombies and blood
Developed by BSA Game
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War Zomb Avatar is an excellent base defense shooting game with zombies and tons of blood. The city of Tsurupinsk, Ukraine has been invaded by zombies and you and your comrades are the last survivors. Find a way to fight them back! Defend your base from swarms of undead zombies.

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Good game. Who cares if your first comment or not.
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Great game. It's not what I expected, but rather interesting. Didn't take too long to beat. Oh and first comment.
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is this game multiplayer
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I think this game is cool
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this is an awsome game
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I am a beast at des game its fun and addictive like a person favorite food 5 stars like my mf ppost
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does you are first comment make sense to you, illiterate bum
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