Rugby Surgery, a funny doctor sim game
Developed by Konstantin Kornushin & George Zarkua
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Put your skills to the test in this hilarious doctor sim game. Our rugby players need someone to take care of their injuries so act quickly! The game features over 10 challenging levels for you to test your doctor skills. Keep an eye to the patient's pulse...don't let it drop below 10 or he'll die on you.

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I think we can assume why the punk's right arm looks far stronger than the left...
SouthSideSuicide's profile page
Strange but funny game! The only thing i want more from this game would be badges, that would make thins game much more.
YaBoiDrPhil's profile page
Weird game but i like it anyway
MrPandah's profile page
just luv this game ! LOL i'M A SURGEON !
roki's profile page
weird but funny thx for making this game
bravesoldier123's profile page
hahhaha spining head when loading !
Cjaylaurel123's profile page
I wonder who took the time to put a smiley face on this guy's chest....
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