Dig to China, a fun little digging flash game with upgrades and pixel graphics
Developed by Octopodo
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Cute little digging game with pixel graphics. Dig your way to China as fast as possible! Gather resources to buy upgrades and keep and eye on the timer. Dig as deep as you can while collecting as many resources as possible.

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random pewds quote "I WILL F***ING KILL YOU IF YOU DIE-pewds 2014
avicii's profile page
i think its cool it should have badges imo
Mitte's profile page
like if you dug to china
IVI3GA's profile page
Man this game is addicting
dchampman's profile page
Oh yeah! I'm here! Huh? Why are there lions?
xXAikoXx's profile page
it was okay :p
GhostlyShadowQueen's profile page
Ha, I'm likin this, it gets fun when you have upgrades
Razzilla's profile page
surprisingly fun :D
angelangel9090's profile page
ScotchTapeCat's profile page
I dig to the china
Flatron's profile page
this game is hard in till you get upgrades
pewdiepie109's profile page
hey gameshed! make or put a new game destroy the great wall of china hahaha lolz
jprv47's profile page
Phusionstream's profile page
I like this game I am going 2 get it on the ipod
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