Stonepath Episode 1, a point and click fantasy game
Developed by Hyptosis
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This was the year when the Thaa'hune came down from their dower. The year the 'red ones' poured from Gorsus like blood fron an open wound. The year Ashbane burned. It's all started in a small village called Shadetale. A hunter was sent there to slay a witch, but instead he uncovered a plot crafted by shades to free one of their kind. An archdemon. But when the hunter slew the archdemon, their true plan was revealed. To release all of the fiends back into the world. The hunter fell into their trap. However, in doing so he discovered a powerful wood witch named Cameron. She would be the key to his redemption. I wouldn't meet them until I followed clues that I discovered in Ashbane. Clues that let me here, to ruin of Ardam.
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Gameshed fix your medals ><
Nichick390's profile page
rate 2 somet about the games makes it slow with the cursor
Tr1ckst3r's profile page
i wrote comment wrong >.<
EvilUnicornMaster's profile page
good game a little hard to solve but it really makes you think very nice :)
HeavenboundRob's profile page
this game was really fun
TheEpicFlyingPancake's profile page
im so close and the code doesnt work!!
BiBi's profile page
Neither beautiful nor ugly
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Gameshed fix ur medals!!!! >~>
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I like the series
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The most awesome game ever !_^
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Esis makes her mark...
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first commend x3
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hmm interesting
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