Small Town Detective

Small Town Detective is an fun point'n'click adventure game with cute graphics and mind twisting puzzles developed by OK Interactive
Small Town Detective has been developed by OK Interactive
Play as Paul, an small town detective who investigates the disappearance of Candice L. Hunter, a reporter for Franklin Gazette. Candice was last seen at some Mexican place called Jalapeno. Don't forget to pay a visit to her workplace. Who knows, someone there may actually give you some tips.

Game Reviews & Player Tips

i will never eat codys burger XD soo gross! HAHAHA
Small Town Detective is a puzzle game where you play as Paul the Detective to find a missing journalist who is lost in the small town for almost a week. View this Small Town Detective Walkthrough Guide to solve this case quickly and find out who is behind all this mischievous activities. Play Online: Small Town Detective You start your day work in Paul’s office. Check e-mail using PC (e-mail c
I think this is a good game very good game, very interactive.
It's nice for a change. Rather easy :)
Good game, it should be more challenging though..
this game is funn XD llooll
eww!! can u imagine what else other restaurants... do in their secret recipe fast foods.. yuk.. now it make me thinking.. who know what they do behind those foods...
how much goey stuff does he have in his nose
this is the most discusting game ive played so far . ill definetly vote for this game
love the game but too short
something fun for a change. liked it
it has my name in it! Jacqueline!
Good but too easy for anyone over seven.