Sins of Daisy, a horror-themed detective game with rpg elementsqq
Developed by ZeroDigitZ
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Fallow in the footsteps of detective Quinn and solve the case behind the mysterious deaths of three high school girls from a small town named Foxwood. The girls were found dead inside the home of one of the girls and Police believes that the girls killed themselves in a suicide pact.

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I love this game, amazing story AND the riddles really tripped me. I WANT TO SEE ANOTHER SINS OF DAISY 2
MadPandaINC's profile page
liked- absolutely best game ever played so far on this website omg!!! still can not believe this is true story so sad :((
Tr1ckst3r's profile page
One of the best horror-themed rpg on this site yet!
broco's profile page
Awesome game!
Nikodemus's profile page
This game is absolutely great.
CookieBear's profile page
This game was so well made! I want there to be a second game . . .
FoundAtMidnight's profile page
amazing game i love the tory it has so mutch experience in it i love it
Sandybandy's profile page
I loved it!!!!
kyliedgzmuhn's profile page
This is amazing! I loved the story!
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The fact that you have the option to go to the strip club instead of the place, holy shiz dude
Cricketina's profile page
10/10 for sure! I got confused with the diary code for a little while, but thank god for Windows Ink Space! I filled up half the screen with sticky-notes where I typed in the puzzles as I solved them, but it was worth the effort!
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Poor Daisy and her friends........I feel so bad for them like because Daisys mom and Birch is totally messed up.Theres just one thing I am still intrigued.Birch RAPED Daisy.Seriously?Messed up.
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This game was really good and had a lot of unexpected turns, good story development too
WhatIsAUsername's profile page
I have to say, I really loved this game. Such an amazing story, but there is much more I wanted to see. The parents of the other two girls, their reactions to the deaths and their thoughts of it being suicide. I may very well come back and play this again just to get another ending. Definitely staying in my favorites.
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