Kingdom of Liars Part 2

Kingdom of Liars Part 2 is an adventure point and click flash game with detectives developed by Hyptosis
Kingdom of Liars Part 2 has been developed by Hyptosis
Our lives are lies are arrows loosed from the bow. We must fly true before we strike.
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Game Reviews & Player Tips

Gray Elk Library Click the arrow at the bottom right corner to leave the Gray Elk Library and move to the lobby. Lobby Speak with Captain Whelek who is standing at the foot of the stairs. He'll instruct you to go to City Hall Click the arrow in the bottom right corner in this room as well to enter the training barracks. Training Barracks Take the pair of SHACKLE-CUFFS hanging on the wall to the ri
I always enjoy work from Hyptosis.
really good game
cool game.... Lorestrome should create more games.... but more challenging. I love a good challenge. lol
i like the music
Pretty Cool Game! I enjoyed it. The puzzles were fun.
rate 3 not bad quite interesting story
i like the blue elfe amor
Esis makes her mark...
very good looking forward to more episodes