Kingdom of Liars Part 1

Kingdom of Liars Part 1 is an adventure point and click flash game with detectives developed by Hyptosis
Kingdom of Liars Part 1 has been developed by Hyptosis
If you want to tell something important to a man, it's best to just show him rather than explain.
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walkthrough : 1) click the drawer to get a screwdirver and use it on the doors lock 2) click on the brake of the train 3) go left and talk to your captain, then leave the library 4) go into the training barracks and take the magic horn and the handcuffs 5) leave the headquarter and go to the "right street" 6) take the crowbar (next to the 3 barrels) and leave 7) go to "grimes street" and take the
I love the connection among these games , Hood , This one and I bet there is a connection with Stonepath too.
sometimes i really dont know wut to do but i just go everywhere over and over again and then i finally know wut to do then im like HELL YEAH :3
Relly awesome game
Awesome game and can't wait to play next part
love how they keep the same storyline
i like the music
can't wait for part 3!!! Nice game :D
This game was good!
if u like these types of games as i do u got to try it / interesting / will play next one 7/10
Really liked it, didn't get much but it was good. Excited to try the next one.
i didn't get my badge -.-
rate 3 yeaah liked this one too but i just got stuck
this game here confused and baffled me for a long time... but finally finishing this part is worth that hour of my life!!