Hood Episode 4, a the final part of the popular point and click series, Hood
Developed by Hyptosis
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The final episode in the hood series. Find out where hood went, why she's there, and if she can be saved.
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liar badgeuse the shovel man! badgearcheologist badgedog with two bones badgehonest badgethe story of red hood badge

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Here are the solutions for all riddles : riddle 1 : press the first symbol 1 time, the second 2 times, the thrid 1 time, the fourth 2 times and the last one 3 times ,, the cube riddle : press the symbols on the bottom in this order : 1 5 2 4 3 and then press on the big triangle ,, the door riddle : the first and second panel must show the 3 arrows that show upwards, the third panel must show the t
Metalmadness's profile page
how the heck do you get the 'dog with two bones' badge? I can't seem to be able to get it...
LeviAckerman1's profile page
well, for those who confuse about the badge, this is my thoughts. first badge is u do lie to the demon for unlock the box. second badge is u must die first at ceiling crusher things then continue, like MITTE said. third badge is do like what MITTE said by digging. fourth badge is u need to choose "take the fire by force" when u want fire from flame spirit. fifth badge is fight with demon to unlock
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i found a total of 3 diggable holes for artifacts, if that helps. one is on the first screen. i then got the archeologist badge after beating the game, along with the last 2 badges
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i think you have to let the ceiling crush you to get the 2nd badge.
Mitte's profile page
how do you get the 1st badge... -T^T0 i got all the badges except the first one.
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Okay, to get the "Liar" badge you must first speak with the elder shade. He's the first person you see and can speak to. In the conversation you must pick from three options. Pick "Honest and Noble". After that, use force on every one else. Kill the fire demon to get the fire, attack the other demon who opens the green box in the end. And that's it. That's all their is to it.
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I love these detective games
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i love this little game
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i liked it BUT cannot get / use the shovel man badge? i have read reviews and played all suggestions / i dig up 3 artefacts one after the other / finish the game and again no badge / tried all walkthroughs / none show any digging FRUSTRATED! can anybody please HELP .
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I love Lorestrome games and I hope to see more of this developer in the future.
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rate 2 not much for it and it also bit too hard
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this last game you can be way more brutal
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this game was way morebrutal game play compared to the first 3 Hood episodes
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