Hood Episode 3

Hood Episode 3 is an creepy point and click fantasy game developed by Hyptosis
Hood Episode 3 has been developed by Hyptosis
Here comes the 3rd part of the popular Hood series. Our protagonist manage to discover the true witch and with a final blow he chops off her head. Afterwards though he must decide what his next plan of action is to be.
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the path of the wicked badge

Game Reviews & Player Tips

Walkthrough : from the start go north 2 times and then go to the right ,, enter the door ,, grab the shovel inside and leave ,, go north and take the round stone from the tree ,, go 2 times to the right ,, you'll find 3 movable pieces on a tree, arrenge them like this : ||- second piece : oo third piece : = ,, if you arrenged them like that, the tree should open ,, takethe driller from the inside
Hood Episodes are awesome!
rate 3 got confusing after a while
i like how each episode changes up the game a little
Esis makes her mark...
They should change the achievement to complete the game twice, and my favorite part of that game was the flute playing ^w^ Awesome game with the domo jumpscares xD
My badge never works the first time, i have to play twice, on all the Hood episodes, Really awesome series though!!!
that was nice but short...
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