Covert Front, a point-and-click spy game
Developed by Karol Konwerski, Mateusz Skutnik, Brian Wohlgemuth
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In July of last year a top-secret conference took place in Berlin under the title "Knowledge for Victory". Over two hundred specialists from all over the Empire descended on the capital but none of them returned home. Attempts to find them failed. Shortly thereafter, our own Intelligence Agency General Headquarters lost contact with the field agents who were investigating the missing scientists.

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awesome i passed it it was easy
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awesome! it was a little hard though
THEBIGCHILL's profile page
awesome i passed it
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That was great! But did u all guys get the 'to be continued' note? Is that it? I mean is that the end of the game??
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cool game!! i love playing it over and over again
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nice!!! love it!!!
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lol theres pictures of a stealth bomber
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I really love this game, I play all 4 of them over and over. I kinda wish they would make more.FingersCrossed*
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What is the bookshelf sequence?????
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