Azurael's Circle Part 1

Azurael's Circle Part 1 is an horror-themed detective game with spooky atmosphere and jumpscares developed by Enkian Games
Azurael's Circle Part 1 has been developed by Enkian Games
Dear Clint. I'm sure that when yyou learn of my death you'll show up here. I'm sorry for chasing you away after your father passed. I know it was hard on you too and you most certainly didn't deserve to be treated in such a way. I'm not in the right mind anymore. I fear I must take my own life to put an end to the heresy that I've comitted. In my last moment of clarity, know that your mother is sorry that her demon is now yours.

Game Reviews & Player Tips

NIce game. Although I don't know how to use items. Surely you could use the axe head to smash against the lock or bash the basement door open? Or use the cane!
Nice game ! Great story behind it. I hope you do provide us with lots of further sequels !
the game was easy the key to the room up the stairs is in the cabinet
Fine but too short even for being part one.
other then a lot of re-looping into rooms and waiting its a well made game.
I'm in need of a guide
This is a neat little game. Can't wait for the other parts
Easy game but is still very enjoyable. At first, I thought the game is not a really great pixelized escape game but it's good. Very good. Kudos to the maker of this!