Mushroom Cloud

Mushroom Cloud is an island destruction game with addictive gameplay and pixel graphics developed by R4
Mushroom Cloud has been developed by R4
Explode different worlds using powerful bombs. Each mission has different tasks so make sure to read and fallow the instructions for maximum score.

Game Reviews & Player Tips

I did not think this game would be that fun but after playing it i know i was wrong, really wrong. This game is pretty darn fun. I love how all the bombs have different abilities. The pixels make it a little blurry but i think they do a good job at showing how much destruction your making.
well this game is awesome for those who love... DESTRUCTION!! and so I recommend u this its real awesome blow stuff up to fawking pices
The inverted bomb makes everything look like a firework o3o
lol i loved this game X3 They should make a panda bomb XD PANDA- SPLOSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X3
nice,,, learn about bomb abilities... lol
the music can get really old very fast
I love the Destruction!
THE MUSHROOM CLOUD IS A LIE! And the other bad side is that you must pay for bombs in SANDBOX! I mean seriously! But then again its not such a bad game. It has fun dynamics and lovely atmosphere. The only down side is that it has such a small space, i wish it had more pixsels more space that is... AND PLEASE! If you are going to make a sequel make it without false advertising. Thanks for readin