Immersed into dark and unexplored ancient woods a group of expeditioners led by your uncle Eneko go deep in search of an old, almost forgotten legend. As San...
Communicate with the dead and ask them questions. Be careful as they are easily offended and you could end up on the other side.
Help Catherine uncover the mysteries behind the Murn Carni Hospital in this great horror point and click game made by the guys from Belugerin Studios.
A short but frightening point and click horror game, where you play as a mother trying to save her child from the demons.
Uncover the macabre story behind the Exmortis game, Play it on GameShed
Play Escape the Boogeyman on GameShed. Can you escape the boogeyman? Find a way to get out of the house!
Play Exmortis 2, a scary online game at GameShed.
Summoning demons is not something to play with, but this is just a game, right?
Great tower defense game made by Piron Games. The game features some new game-play elements such as heroes, xxl maps and nice game modes.