JellyGo, a funny strategy flash game recommended for kids but not only
Developed by AvoxGames
game rating
Lead your Jelly army to victory! Conquer enemy buildings and use them to generate as many jellies as possible to overwhelm your opponent or even build superweapons. Keep in mind that Barracks are most important buildings, because they produce new jellies for you. The higher the level of your barracks, the faster it produces jellies.

user reviews & player tips

I Love This Game It Is Fun And Addicting
Kiro15's profile page
this game is the funnest game ever lol
guycode's profile page
its a good game but gets hard
GrimCreeper's profile page
its a coo gaebut takes hell lot of patience
BourbonRose's profile page
its so addicting!!!!!!! XD
Conquest24's profile page
this game is soo edicting
candylover21's profile page
I like dis game :I its not best,and not the worst
ThePurplePhscopath's profile page
hoew to play this,,, i dont knowe
michel's profile page
I thought this game was fun in a way but after a while it got to difficult for me and quit cause the red things started irritating me, I liked this but i'm not that into defense games so people that are will probably like it more than i did, but it was not that bad of a game.
GottaLuvFatCats's profile page
forgot to submit score D:
darkhade's profile page
first it is shitty easy then boom shitty hard boooooooooooooring
Tuvstarr77's profile page