Incursion is an strategy defense game with some unique twists developed by Fed Danylov Irina Dolbnya
Incursion has been developed by Fed Danylov Irina Dolbnya & Dmytro Drach
Protect your lands from the forces of Darkness. Train defenders and place them along the road to stop enemy attacks. You can hire over 27 unique warriors each one with his own abilities.

Game Reviews & Player Tips

I love this game. I always play it when I feel sad or angry. It makes me feel better, and it keeps me occupied!
haha i lovethis game its really nice
Good stuff! I encourage you guys to try!
one of the best tower defense games. 5stars
i like this game! <3 it's awesome
LOL this game rocks
pretty fun and easy too not first time but oh well it is cute <3
it's ok and good i believe...
finished everything! woooh!
this is a superb game
DBMERAGON you cant earn points on this game. sorry
This game is infinitely better than bloons tower defense. And its so cute too!
I love this game if u want to be my friend please feel free to ask me or just send me a request
I always play this game when im sad