Expendables 2

Expendables 2 is an Tower defense game with the biggest action heroes ever developed by SoapCreative
Expendables 2 has been developed by SoapCreative
Setup turrets to defend your base. There is an arsenal of devastating weaponry at your disposal including Gatling Guns, rocket launchers EMP blasts and more. Also you can call your special action heroes to blow the enemy to pieces. Watch for bonus supply drops to bust your founds. You also get cash for taking enemies down.

Game Reviews & Player Tips

fun tower defense :) awesome grap's, and an awesome chick in the bottom right ^-^
If God can walk on water, hell! Chuck Norris can swim through land
BEST GAME ON THIS SITE! Great chick leads the fight!
Chuck norris died in retern of the dragon, came back to life with a beard, so did jesus
arnold we love ya :D
what is the name of arnold swasheneger and chuck nurris in the movie?
Funny and nice too ^^
One of gfthe more fun defense
deploy and destroy!!!
I LOVE THIS first war game i came to love <3 awsome!
really good game :D
nice game bring the choppa
Track 'em...find 'em...KILL 'EM!!!!
Its damnn fukiin awesome man...!! yyyaaaaa beat it uppp!!!! ican do diz xD cx woohooo......!! xD.......=]......cx this is wat i call awesomeness!!..........lol.....\m/