Super Adventure Pals

Super Adventure Pals is an cute adventure game with great storyline, cute graphics and awesome quests developed by Jay Armstrong
Super Adventure Pals has been developed by Jay Armstrong & Julian Wilton
Oh God! The evil Mr. B kidnapped your best friend and headed to the Icy Mountains. Find a way to stop him. To open the gates to the Icy Mountains you will need 6 rubies. The best place to find them is at the northern plains.

Game Reviews & Player Tips

this.. is.. so... AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
i like it but it is weird the old guy said he was looking for boobies
i dont know if anyone else has noticed, but this is supposed to be like adventure time. the boy is a copy of fin, the giraffe is a copy of jake, and the rock they are saving is a copy of BMO. the land that they are i is supposed to represent Ooo ;)
this is a great game
awesome game dude :)
Fu*ck yeh!! I freaking love this one! COOL!!
this is a funny and awesome and fun ssoooo have fun ^0...
this game is fun but a little hard for me.. huhu.. i guess i'm a noob.. :(
i love this game....i want kiss this game
this game is just mario but better.MARIO JUST GOT PWND super adventure pals
This Game Is So Fun That You Should Have To Buy It
So fun :D This game is made for maybe 9-10 years old children.... Fuc.k that shi.t !! because its fuqing fun!
Thi game is soo muther f****** cooool *.*