Welcome to Half Monn Island, an island of wholesome cats. Explore the island and find a way to find the Life cats who went missing in the great cat war.
Personalize the gingerbread using various items to look exactly like the one displayed in the top of the screen.
The cute yellow duckling is back for more adventure! Perform various mini-games and prepare the little duck for the long journey to space.
Fight epic battles against mighty players across the world. Choose your favorite tribe, collect points and defeat your opponents.
Help Wheely overcome the obstacles in his path to the shop! Solve different puzzles in order to clear his path.
Mr Piggy wants to get rich! Help him gather all the coins by solving different puzzles. A colorful 'Cut the Rope' like game to cure your boredom.
How about spending some time fishing? A cute yet challenging fishing sim that will keep you entertained for quite a while.
Use different shapes to create super stacks and make sure it holds.
They say a tower build by monkeys never fall but what about a tower build from monkeys?
Your duck-pals have been taken prisoners by a robot invasion and it's up to you to save them!
A challenging puzzle-based game where you have to solve different puzzles by interracting with various elements.
Complete each level by removing the orange shapes and keeping green ones on the screen!
Jelly to the rescue! Guide the jelly through the maze until he arrives at the exit door.
The tiny diggers need some guidance so could you help them arrive at the gold mine intact?