ZoZo, a creepy adventure game with demons and ghosts
Developed by Druid_CZ
game rating
A horror game inspired by urban legends. It is said that only the true occultists can summon demons, but this game is a living proof that the legend is false. Do you have the urge to invite the three demons Ouija Daemon ZOZO, Daemon VOX and Bloody Mary into your home? It is said that those who do this are cursed forever.

user reviews & player tips

Good game. Very short though. I wish it was longer.
Cricketina's profile page
I was able to summon them all, but nothing scary happened and the game was pretty easy.
FoundAtMidnight's profile page
Not scary, very boring. No story line and a lackluster finish
savvypirate's profile page
Ya know there's also a horror movie named "I AM ZOZO" ...and they say it's inspired by true events
This is way too creepy! A game about summoning demons??
mikao's profile page