Midnight, a dark horror-themed adventure game inspired from creepypasta
Developed by CjElliott
game rating
Write your full name on a piece of paper, turn off all your lights, knock on your main door 22 times, open the door, blow out your candle then relight your candle. You have now invited the Night Man in your house. Now clear your sins and remember...there is no royal road to repentance, no privileged path to forgiveness! A fun horror survival adventure game where you must help our protagonist to escape her past by searching for the seven letters of deadly sins.

user reviews & player tips

Good but not enough matches.
Geminate's profile page
took me 3 tries but i did it!
Dorky1Babe's profile page
idk what is happen and where to go
Manya's profile page
need more matches! all though its good game and you cant access your inventory unless theres a button, died twice already. not a fan favorite or wouldn't recommand it either. nice game over all though
gamingwoman980's profile page
I can't see anything it just tells me it doesn't exist.
KenzieAce's profile page
Just a quick tip for everybody... if your having trouble getting to the doors try taking a step over to the side (the little person should be partially under the wall) you should be able to get the door open now
lunabelle00's profile page
Hope no jumpscare if there is I'm gonna continue it on morning
KittyPawsRPG's profile page
finished it with ease. with matches left over. tho midnight man is an arse
JDGhost's profile page
Easyyy I took it out with one try! :P (PS: first make rounds until u fimd some matches, I picked 5 - 7 approximately)