They say no one has ever had the courage to enter the house since the terrible event that took place in the year 1970. The House game features a lot of jumps...
Do you dare enter the cursed house? The legend has it that the house has been closed and left empty for decades. The House 2 game awaits you. Do you have wha...
Hear the dark stories of a group of teenagers trying to scare the crap out of each others. The game features a great atmosphere, interesting puzzles and much...
You, a little girl, end up in a creepy cellar after being promised free ice cream. Escape from the house without being caught by the insane cook!
Three individuals are trapped inside a cabin with no knowledge of who they are or how they got there.
Horror themed story-driven adventure game with psychological horror elements.
Uncover the mystery behind the death of three little girls who allegedly committed suicide in this wonderful crima drama role playing game.
A romantic walk through the forest turned into a terrifying experience for a young couple.
Puzzle-based horror adventure game. Help the girl get out of the house before its too late!
Collect the seven letters of the deadly sins and repent your past offenses in this survival horror game.
Hear the tragic story of Chloe and her sister Emma, two girls who's parents died.
Play as Matthias Holloway, a young man hunted by nightmares and terrifying flashbacks and time loops. Will you be able to unravel the mystery behind these ev...
A game adaptation of the famous horror novel, Keyhole.
Help Trevor Duncan, a man who lost his wife and daughter in a terrible accident survive and escape the castle. Use the shadows to hide from the enemies.
A short and eerie Twine novel, inspired by the developer's own existential angst.
The sequel of the famous story-driven horror rpg game, Fear Society by ZeroDigitZ.
Darkness swarms around his words. You cannot see him, or remember him. You cannot even remember...Who am I?
A text-based horror adventure game that will give you the creeps.
Summoning demons is not something to play with, but this is just a game, right?

If you enjoy a good scary game and you like being scared sensless, then maybe you should take a look over our Horror games collection. We have quite a few titles that will make your heart race.