Short and Sweet, a short point and click game with creepy
Developed by Sour Apple Studios
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Beware of the strangers you meet, especially those with a treat. If you don't know their names, don't play their sick games or they may cut your life...

user reviews & player tips

this game is super smart! always never trust strangers or pepole you dont know!!!
NatalieIsNotOnFire's profile page
how do you beat the kkid that will not eat the pineapple stuff
crazyman4458's profile page
Is there any other games like this one where you have to use your mind and truly focus as well?? this was truly one amazing game
ZionBaby's profile page
please give me likes,also,this game is weird.
PrincessGoddessOfYou's profile page
The fourth girl's eyes killed me xD Really good game!
Failynn's profile page
Very well made! I'd love to see more games like it.
DipperFalls's profile page
i can't get passed the pinaplle one
Cherrypa's profile page
I get it... the game is short and "sweet"
Ayzoolz's profile page
have u seen his fat rolls in the pic XD
fadedfeelings's profile page
Its so freaking catchy...until you get to the end. But still its a great game.
RadioactiveTeamz's profile page
This game applies some real,smart thinking alright, it's so cool! I LUV IT!!!!' ❤️❤️❤️
BadH's profile page
i like how the message is "dont take things from strangers"
EclipseStopper's profile page
Nice Easter Egg! So Sweet ;) *Om*
Createdand101's profile page
nice short game
Lora's profile page