Nekra Psaria Part 2, a creepy point and click adventure game
Developed by DrawManEater
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Once again our protagonist, Johnny-boy finds himself trapped inside the bizarre world of Nekra Psaria. Will he be able to escape?

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lol, nekra psaria means "dead fish" in greek! lolololol
MarSa's profile page
the art, atmosphere, everything is beautiful and amazing!
nightsblood's profile page
Love this game.
deamhan's profile page
oh boy I've been waiting for this. The art style in this game is so macabre yet nice to look at.
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YAY!!! XD i've been waiting so long!!! Internet is such a pain DX BLEH
baka's profile page
nekra psaria.... dead fish.... im very proud of greece right now ( dont know why)
KateL's profile page
its very interesting but I like playing it no doubt.
catsgorawr's profile page
Awesome game. The style is kind of like part Dr Seuss, part Alice in Wonderland, and part Tim Burton.
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i like that game 3>
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rate 5 very good and quite sereal :)
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this is awesome
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It was easy . between 5 minutes I completed this game
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