Forgotten Hill Puppeteer

Forgotten Hill Puppeteer is an puzzle-based point and click horror themed adventure game developed by FM Studio
Forgotten Hill Puppeteer has been developed by FM Studio
Your fiance got missing and the only clue you have is a weird ticket for a local puppet show. Are you ready for a journey among the mysteries of the Forgotten Hill?

Game Reviews & Player Tips

Hard But Soooo Fun High recommended
Fun game the puzzles took a while to figure out though but thats part of why I like it, wish they had a better voice actor, kinda kills the mood
g00d game ,, i like it <3
rate-3 reallly liked it but just too hard puzzle wise for me, music is good along with quality it runs smoothly
Poor voice acting and annoying repetitive music. Could be better, but could be worse. 3/5
Can't lie. It was a good puzzle game. But the voice acting was not good. Story wasn't that good either. Just for the sake of puzzles, I give it a 3 star.