Cube Escape: Theatre, a a abstract and mind-warping puzzle-based point and click adventure game with creepy atmosphere
Developed by RustyLake Studios
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The bizarre and unsettling escape game series by RustyLake Studios continues. This time, the lake takes our protagonist deeper into his past, in the year of 1972, in a mysterious theater.

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i love the cube escape games
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I didn't see the full image of the game at first and that butler guy looked a little to much like slender man for a second there. But this game is almost impossible. I have currently spent 2 hours on it and I haven't gotten past Mr.Crow yet. I just don't like memory games. Anyways, it's a little bit morbid but, it's okay.
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I have played all of RustyLake Studios Cube Escape games and have not been disappointed. I rank these guys with Ben Leffler Web Design and Psionic Games, two of many favourite indie game creators. Amazing story, amazing mechanics, amazing challenges, amazing job. Keep up the good work!
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Ive read an entire walk through and I still can't get past the second act. What am I doing wrong? I made all the drinks and made him drink them. I have the stuff in order. What did I not do?!
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It wasn't easy, but made it through... I did have to use the walkthrough for one step, though.
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I absolutely love these games!
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The cube escape games is good games because it's all weird and twisted up and I like those kinda games that makes you think of what to do
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