After a shocking call, a police officer is sent to investigate the horrible killings at a haunted lodge. Who or what is behind this massacre? Get into the ha...
Enter the secret cave and discover it's secrets. Another clever puzzle-based point and click adventure game from the RustyLake Studios.
The tin Soldier it`s a creepy adventure game full of puzzle, inspired from the story of `The tin Soldier`.
They say buried things stay buried for ever but do they? Uncover the mystery behind this episode from the popular horror title, Forgotten Hill.
What would you do if you would lost your wife? Would you try to resurrect her if it were possible?
Take a journey into the old west and try to discover the mystery of Aurora.
An story driven adventure game about people and their reflections. See what the mirrored world brings you and discover the secrets that lie within secrets.
A creepy point and click adventure game set in the future, when human kind was decimated by an mysterious organization.
Uncover the mystery behind your fiance's disappearance in Forgotten Hills. They say there is a local puppet show where strange things are happening.
A puzzle-heavy point and click game with a horror theme. Explore the Forgotten Hill village in search for someone to help you fix your car.
Trimming plants has never been so disturbing. Do they really have feelings like you and I?
At the end of 1943 Nazis launched the project RIESE. In the Owl mountains is Silesia they formed a gigantic system of factories and research laboratories. Yo...
In this great adventure game you must help Pete to find his way through his mysterious and subconscious world.
You have been sent to a deserted town to investigate a series of mysterious disappearances. Click around to talk to people, pick up items and use them to sol...
Can you find the way out of the building? Navigate through the pixelated rooms while solving various puzzles.
Explore dark catacombs in search of hidden treasures but be careful not to fall prey to the living dead.
Summoning demons is not something to play with, but this is just a game, right?
As long as you remember, you've always lived in this old apartment. Is this what we call 'Home'?
Help our protagonist, Humanoid 47 to escape from Dr. Leboucher's laboratory. The game features great art-style, a compelling storyline and challenging puzzle...
Unfold the mysteries behind the black cubes in this point and click adventure game. Travel through your memories inside a friendly house with its share of se...
Be a good host and find a way to start the strange contraption before the arrival of your creepy guest.
Yet another installment of the famous creepy point and click Cube Escape game series by RustyLake Studios.
A captivating text-based scifi game that will make your skin crawl. Uncover the mystery behind the space incident and find out who is responsible for
Uncover the root of evil in this dark adventure game!
Join Red Rogue and her silent minion in their journey into the Chaos Dungeons, a cursed place filled with evil monsters and traps. Search for the Amulet of Y...
Your name is Adam, a photographer for Real Estate Architecture Magazine. You have been sent to take several reference photos of an old abandoned building. Co...
Help our couch potato, Johny boy, to find a source of fuel for his generator cause it ran out of juice. Explore the bizarre world of Nekra Psaria.
You find yourself in what seams to be an abandoned cabin that holds a lot of secrets waiting to be revealed. Click around to interact with the environment, p...

Are you still enjoying our creepy games? How about trying to experience a new level of terror? We have some horror games that could help you achieve that level. Just remember to put a fresh pair of underwear before you do, because you might get scared sensless and...oh know the rest.